Good Night Show Update!

First off, THANK YOU to all the loyal Good Night Show fans whose love for the show has led you to follow and support me!

I couldn’t be more proud of those 10 years I got to bring Nina to life, and am honored to have been invited into your homes night after night! It is truly a privilege. Being a mom of 2 littles, I know how special and intimate that nighttime snuggle is. The fact that millions of you included Star and Me (and our pals Hush and Lucy!) into that safe space is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Some of you have children who no longer watch, but many have had new babies along the way and still tune in. You have noticed that the show is no longer airing on TV in its traditional format, because, as with everything (including our children!), the network is growing and evolving. Fortunately, this is NOT a good-bye!

Sprout is in the process of moving full Good Night Show episodes to their On Demand menu. This is seriously a dream come true for me, and hopefully for you as well! Now you can determine when exactly you want to snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite segments of GNS before it’s time to wrap up your bedtime routine.

Keep in mind that Nina’s World will remain right where it’s at – and, in case you hadn’t heard, we have been green-lit for a second season and are working hard on bringing new episodes to life!

I remain humbled by your love and support!








    1. Sometimes the only thing you can count on is change….ugh! BUT I couldn’t be happier about this decision to put episodes On Demand. I feel like this gives families the power to define their own nighttime routines and STILL include the Good Night Show 🙂 Thank YOU for commenting!


  1. So very happy the GNS will be on demand. My now four yr old son has been listening and watching since I brought him home at seven months. He thinks Nina sings “Twinkle twinkle Little Star” just for him! Thank you Michele, for your calm, happy demeanor on the show. We are thrilled and Xavier says “Twinkle, Twinkle Nina!.”


  2. We love watching your show and will follow you on Demand. My 3yr old grandson loves Nina’s World, so do I 😀


  3. Hi Michele, my name is Tom and I love watching you on Sprout.I did hear you all were going on demand which is great for little ones. I love you and the show best wishes


  4. Gah, what a bummer. 😦 I have to say though–you’re taking it waaaaaaaaaay better than I would. 🙂
    Hey, question:
    Does this new On Demand home mean that the episodes of GNS will eventually find their way to Itunes and Google Play? Gosh, I hope so. 🙂
    You were amaaaazing as Nina. I hope you know that/ 🙂 Good luck with Season 2 of Nina’s World and whatever’s next! 🙂


  5. My great nephew watched your show every night loved the exercise . He learned so much from your show getting ready for bed putting up his toys you are missed.


  6. So happy we can still find you! My sons and I wanted to reminisce and we tuned in and almost cried when Nina and Star weren’t there! We’ll look for you on On Demand. Thank you for MANY wonderful nights! We loved the comfort of your show! Good night!


    1. I’m so sorry the episodes aren’t there! I hear from so many fans that they still miss the show and I wish I could do more, but sadly it’s out of my hands. It was a very special experience for me as it was for so many kids as well.


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