Making a fresh start!

{Although Clear Gear gave me products to try in my home, all opinions are my own!}

How do YOU disinfect your home?

Cleanliness has been on my mind since the beginning of this pandemic, but I REALLY can’t help obsessing about it when one of my kids is sick! Last month, in the span of 3 days, both of my daughters and I began feeling unwell (runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, headache, etc). These days that means we go straight to a testing facility to get a Covid test. The results usually take about 36 hours to come back and in the meantime what do I do? I get to work cleaning and disinfecting the entire house. I’m not the tidiest or cleanest person, but in general I’m the kind of person who likes to keep a clean, tidy house. 😉

Most of the time it feels like an uphill battle with 2 kids, 1 husband (big kid), and 1dog (which is like another kid, albeit less messy and much smaller!!) Whether it’s Covid or the flu or a cold I worry about germs on all of the things we touch throughout the day.

Just spray and walk away!

Thankfully, our results all came back negative, YAY! But, I can’t help thinking about all of the germs on high-touch surfaces in our home. Germs are everywhere, so many places in our home are practically breeding grounds for them. Yes, there are some good germs out there, but plenty are not. So, besides frequently washing our hands with soap and water what can we do? What do you do?

I began using Clear Gear spray on just about everything in my home…every door knob, remote control, cel phone, phone cable, chair, counter top, drawer pull…seriously, everything! In the past I relied on Lysol or Clorox disinfecting sprays, but never really liked them. The chemical smell really turned me off and I also would not use it on door handles, for example, fearing corrosion/rusting to the metal.

Let me tell you why I LOVE Clear Gear!

  • Clear Gear is EPA registered! It’s effective at killing COVID-19 in 3 minutes!! It’s also virucidal, (including Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C virus), fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Plus, it kills salmonella and E. coli so I spray it on my countertops after handling raw meat or chicken.
  • There is NO BLEACH, NO ALCOHOL, NO AMMONIA which means no heavy smells! Instead, it eliminates odors (caused by those pesky bacteria and germs) and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.
  • It’s not corrosive and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind which is so important to me since I want to use this product on door handles, electronic devices, cell phone cases and remote controls. It’s also ideal for spraying on athletic gear, helmets, gloves, rackets, gym equipment, etc.
  • Lastly, I appreciate that it is made in the USA and it’s always in stock! (Even during the height of the pandemic last year)
As soon as they get home from school I spray my kids’ backpacks!

As our children are heading back to in-person school and extra-curricular activities I can see I’ll be using this to spray down backpacks, iPad & laptop covers, gymnastics/athletic bags and sports gear. In fact, Clear Gear was invented by someone who contracted a horrific infection from bacteria on his hockey gear. This frightening experience led them to create this disinfecting spray which is a must for every family. I might even have to gift some to my daughter’s teachers for the classroom and to their coaches for the gym!

I have one more great thing to say about Clear Gear…

They are giving all of you a 10% DISCOUNT when you use the PROMO CODE: MICHELE10 at checkout!

Let me know if you’re ordering some for yourself and where you’ll spray it! Good luck making your own fresh start in 2021!