Mom Is Here!


Happy Mother’s Day!!! I hope all of you mamas out there are feeling extra appreciated today.  As looked through pictures of me and my girls this morning on my computer I realized there was only 1 of me and my mom together when I was a child.  It reminded me of an awesome blog post by Allison Tate that I came across a few months ago.  I really identified, as so many moms out there I’m sure can too, with that feeling of pride and joy in my kids and the thrill in capturing those special moments in pictures.  There are so many reasons we don’t end up in the picture ourselves.  Maybe it’s just part of being Mom; having the initiative to take those pictures in the first place leaves us naturally behind the camera not in front.  And I won’t rule out that little voice in the back of my mind that reminds me that I’m not wearing make up or didn’t brush my hair today or that my face is just too tired for a picture.

The thing is, Allison really hit the nail on the head, none of this matters to our kids.  That’s what’s so awesome about the endless pure love they have for us as parents.  The essay she wrote really reminded me of how special those few pictures I have with my mom are.  I want these two little girls to not only have great memories of growing up but also pictures to remember it all by…and that means I have to be better about handing the camera over to someone else now and again!

Naturally, I was thrilled when I found out Sprout was launching a Mother’s Day campaign that celebrates and supports all moms and inspires them to get IN the picture! To participate you need to upload a picture of you and your kids to Instagram (free!) and in the description put #MomIsHere.  There’s even a contest with prizes so be sure to check out Sprout’s Facebook page for more info!!

I can’t wait to see your awesome shots! I uploaded this one with my Gia.  I was pregnant with Bianca and this was a really special moment in our lives.

9 thoughts on “Mom Is Here!

  1. Love your blog Michelle. I’ve not got one photo of me with my Mum and she has been gone for eight years now. Really regret that! So I have loads with my boy with make up or not. He makes Mother’s Day special for me again.

  2. Great post. I had gastric bypass surgery about a year and a half ago. I NEVER let pictures of me at almost 300 pounds get out because I was ashamed of how I looked. My son is almost 5 now and when I look through photos, the only ones from his baby/toddlerhood are either him alone or with my body cropped out. I see pictures of him and part of my arm and remember that we had a great day at the park or pumpkin patch or wherever we were. I am in more pictures now and love each and every one of them, even the ones from my heavier days. I just wish that I had allowed more from then to be taken.

  3. Reading this made me think. You are right. Looking back on my pics of me and my little one. i think i can count on one hand how many i am in. So from this day forward i am going to make a conscious effort to have my husband take the pics instead of me. It will be great to have me in some of those pics too. thanks for posting that. Reminds us moms and dads out there to make the memories too instead of just capturing them.

  4. So excited to have found your blog! I won’t bore you with the usual, We love The Goodnight Show, but it really is such a peaceful program….it’s happily a part of our evenings now! Also a Mom of 2 wonderful girls (2.5 and 7 mo) – and love the Instagram contest!

  5. Hi Michele, I was watching Sprout with my 3-year-old and thought “I wonder if she has a blog?” Well, I see that you do! 🙂 From reading some of your mama posts I think you might really enjoy my wife’s blog. She discusses the importance of being a mama and provides what many have told me is much-appreciated inspiration. I hope you have a moment to check it out!

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