One small act of kindness…

Last month I had a couple of trips that took me away from the girls.  I prepared the house and my husband for the trip by making sure everything was planned, shopped for, and meals were made and frozen.  I actually looked forward to the trips.  There would be some “me” time blended in with work.  As I sailed through the TSA checkpoint at the airport without a stroller, diaper bag and wandering toddlers to hold me back, I relished the thought of sleeping in a quiet hotel room and the million other things I did BK (before kids). Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

I ended up coming home a day early simply because I didn’t want to spend that last free day alone and far from home.  What can I say?  I love my kids and wanted to be there when they woke up Monday morning.  I hope in a few years time I’ll remember that I did these kinds of things because I wanted to and not because I expected something in return, even if that something is “appreciation”.  I’m starting to walk in my mother’s footsteps and I see now how easy it could be to feel un- or under-appreciated by your children.  I’ll admit it, I wasn’t as appreciative of my mom when I was younger as I should have been.  I took for granted many of the wonderful little things she did for our family.  I think in the back of my mom’s mind she was keeping track of all the times we didn’t say thank you and it really pained her.  She felt like her family was simply taking advantage of her, we that took all she had to offer but didn’t give equally in return.

As a mom now I can say I don’t blame her, it is very easy to look for validation, get hurt feelings, feel bitter even, when you’re not appreciated in an outwardly demonstrative way.  It’s easy to forget that being a mom is a thankless job.  And how do you balance that with the fact that not getting thanked hurts sometimes?  So I continue to remind myself that these things that I do for my family I do because I chose to and not because I want a thank you.  Sometimes it is so hard not to take this personally, but when I take a step back (a grown-up time out!) I know that seeing my children’s faces light up with smiles when they see me is all the thanks I need.  I wouldn’t change my crazy life for anything in the world!

As I’ve grown into adulthood my relationship with my mother has transformed and improved so much.  I know now how much hearing a simple thank you means and I try to tell her often. At Sprout we talk a lot about how kindness counts in small and big ways.  Saying thank you and truly being appreciative may seem like a small, insignificant act of kindness, but it is one whose impact can last a lifetime.  So, let’s lead by example.  Let’s call our moms and dads today and say a very heartfelt Thank You.  And then let’s sit down and talk with our kids tonight about the value of one small act of kindness.

13 thoughts on “One small act of kindness…

  1. My daughter Abby and I love watching your show every evening. So glad I decided to Google you and see if my husband was correct about you being hispanic or not. I love your blog that I just read for the very first time.
    Thank you and God Bless,

  2. Hello Michelle, my daughter Gabriella loves your show, we watch it together every night, her faves are the stretching section and Caillou…she is 2 and a half. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for the kids every night, I am pretty sure more than one parent appreciates it! (Especially because they are ready for bed when the show is over lol), we live in San Antonio tx which I understand was your home for a few years.

    About your post, I have come to appreciate the things my mother did for me while growing up, I am her only son ans she raised me by herself, and now that I have my own children y understand every time she was grumpy or stressed out or sad.

    Im lucky to have her around, she is a cancer survivor, and the strongest woman I know. Our relationship has matured in a wonderful way, she is not only my mother, but my dearest, wisest friend. And yes, I also feel bad for not having been grateful enough while growing up..

    Once again, thank you for what you do. Take care.

    Jose C.

  3. Hello, i just wanted to let you know
    How much my son Gabriel loves the good night show. He is 2yrs old, but my older son who is 9yrs also watched and loved ur show. We all sit together at the end if the day and watch nina and star, i am hispanic and my husband is white, but we all practice our spanish with nina and star.
    So Thank you and keep up the great work.

    From the Cook Family in Thornton ,Ca
    We love Nina, Star and the whole gang! :

  4. My son and I watch your show several times a week. We absolutely adore you! You have such sweet and kind personality. They really picked the right person for the job. Thank you, and we will keep watching your show:)

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I just discovered your blog and was so happy to read a bit about you. Two years ago I adopted my son when he was just seven months old. From the beginning he had a rough time settling down, especially at night. I had no idea about children’s television programs and one restless night I found Sprout! You have been with us at night ever since. My son is now a happy two yr old and he loves the programs! He loves to look out the window to find stars and loves when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Thank you so much for helping ease a frightened baby back then and now for bringing a happy toddler many evening joys…………..Best of all wonderful things for you in 2015

  6. My oldest daughter (a big fan of yours) travelled back with my parents after the Holidays so she could spend some time with them, in my childhood home, and see some snow. One of the first things they told me was how Dylan held a church service for them one night and gave them communion with some grape juice. But then she also asked them if they had anything they wanted to donate for “people that don’t have as much stuff as they do”. I was touched that is one of the things she picked out of our service. She also had us donate some money to offer a well for good drinking water for a village in Africa last year. She still gets mail from this company hoping she will donate some more. Life’s too short not to be kind..

  7. HIII!!!!

    Your blog actually inspires me ALOT. Reason being is that I’m a graphic designer and of course still studying as well. I also work at a part time job and most important of all, I’m a mom as well. Sometimes I wonder how I’m managing myself because usually the workload with everything that’s around me is a lot. But I realize something, that of course it’s been something that’s was engrave in my mind and my heart, and is just knowing that my son is always here for me. That No matter what time and day it is, he’s always here waiting to cherish his love for me and to tell me about his day. As I was reading through your blog though, one thing crossed me mind and is that your strong. Being far from home, especially traveling has to be one of the most toughest thing that any mother has to go through. I myself realize now what my mother had to go through with me when she came to this country. Even though my mother didn’t receive any help from when she was raising me, I’m blessed that she has stuck by my side willing to help my son and I.

    And I also want to say Thank you for giving me and my son a reason to love each other more when we watch your shows 🙂



    1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’ve got a few stories i’m getting ready to share on my blog and I’m so honored you’re following me 😉
      Have a great day and good luck with your studies!!!

  8. Please tell me you have a twin sister!
    You are Sooo… Beautiful ! And all of the wonderful things That I could possibly say..I just like Looking at you! O my gosh! My 9 year old mariah loves to watch your show..and I admit , I can’t keep from watching you. Have A Great Day ! Michele..

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