A little bit of press

20140530-230154-82914355.jpgI have been a busy little bee over the past couple of months doing a bit of work for Sprout and filming a few commercials too! This past month in particular was a whirlwind! I started out in NYC for the Upfront Presentation for all of NBC Universal’s Cable family (which is where Sprout proudly lives!).  This event was a very special treat for me since we’ve only been 100% “in the family” for a short time.  And, I have to say, I couldn’t be any happier. They treated me like a queen!  And trust me, this is not how I normally live!!! I got a Glam Squad treatment, hit the red carpet, then mingled with some really fabulous people.  My fav celeb sighting of the night (my teen crush) was Ian Ziering who was beyond sweet and a proud father of two adorable kiddos who are huge fans of Nina & Star! I was also super excited to spot one of my favorite designers, Diane Von Furstenberg, and geek crush, Wil Wheaton!



The following week I was in Dallas at the Mansion on Turtle Creek.  What a great hotel! And what a fabulous lunch I had with a group of amazing mom-bloggers! These women just blew me away! Their blogs and twitter feeds are thoughtful, well-researched, full of amazing pictures and tips….needless to say, I was humbled and I’m so grateful to have met each and every one of you! (A list of their blogs and websites will be posted shortly).  Being in Dallas meant I got to hang out with some family, most importantly my little nephew, Greg 🙂 and eat Tex-Mex (YUMM!).


Finally, I was asked by Sprout to appear on a local Miami NBC show, “6 In The Mix” to talk about raising kind kids and to promote an event this weekend at the Miami Children’s Museum called Operation Kind Kids.  The event is a collaboration between KIND and Sprout which is designed to teach kids the importance of kindness.  We are all hoping that parents and kids can find inspiration and discover new ways to incorporate kindness into their daily routines.  Remember, small, everyday acts of kindness can make a big difference.


And on my way home I randomly came across a special message at the Miami International Airport.  PEACE & LOVE. What a great way to end the month!


3 thoughts on “A little bit of press

  1. What fun you’ve had traveling recently! You are so sweet to even think about listing our blogs! 🙂 My blog post with tons of photos from our visit will be up soon!
    Thank you so much for visiting with us here in Dallas….it was such a fun luncheon getting to know you and the Sprout team, while enjoying the amazing food! Your nephew is such a cutie!

  2. Nina is the bomb-diggity but Michele is a real treasure. We are the lucky ones to get a peek into the inner workings of Sprout and sharing such a fun lunch with you! What a treat! I may or may not be watching the Goodnight Show even long after the Cupcake is in bed now… Not creepy at all right? 😉 Lol, seriously great getting to know you though.

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