Hi there!

NBC Universal wants to know who needs Minions the most and they are giving you the chance to vote from a select pool of talent…including me! Errr…rather, Nina!!!!

Sprout has nominated Nina to get some Minions to help out with the nightly bed time routine! After all, don’t we all need a little extra help sometimes?! So click here and show Nina some love. (As of Wednesday June 24 at 9:00am Nina is in 6th place!!!) Oh, and you just might win some tickets to see the new Minions movie next month!

You can vote once per day. See all the contest rules and prize info here.

Good luck!



6 thoughts on “#NinaNeedsMinions

      1. Where did you endup? Did you win?
        My kids love your show, even my 8 yr old watches you.

  1. I was wondering if you were allowed to say why do they change star every season and why did they change the old setting ☺️ Just wondering 🙂

    1. Hi Jay!
      Thanks so much for tuning in to the show and for checking my blog! We actually have had the same set for 4-5 years and we haven’t changed Star since then either 🙂 The new season that just began airing last week is our 3rd one filmed in our awesome tree house!
      All the best

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