Sweet Summertime fun!

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I hope you’re all keeping up with your summer reads…it’s Week 4 of our Soar Into Summer Reading program! Have you read “Ice Cream Summer” by Peter Sis yet? Check to see if your library has a copy you can borrow or just read along with me in the video!


I hadn’t read this book before and I was pleased to have really enjoyed reading it with my girls. We loved pointing out all of the different sweet treats on each page and we did learn some ice creams facts, i.e. that it was invented over 3,000 years ago!

My #1 takeaway from this story is that it is written as a letter from a little boy to his grandfather and that got me thinking about encouraging my littles to write a letter to someone. My 1st grader learned letter writing in school so I have put them to task and each will write a letter to a friend this week. Try it with your kids – everyone loves getting a letter or card in the mail!
Check out these resources for letter-writing tips:

  • I really love this video!

If you haven’t joined my book club, well, it’s never too late!! It’s designed with PreK through Grade 3 readers in mind and the list was compiled by RIF.  Literacy is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children (although I’m sure my kids would strongly argue that an LOL doll would be!). So with that in mind, don’t just read a book every night, take it one step further and dive into an activity related to the book afterwards (or the next day, if it was a bedtime read). It’s a great way to not only see if your child is comprehending the content, but really sends the message that books represent a world of possibilities and adventures!!

This is where Pinterest has really become an exciting tool for me. I am compiling a Pinterest board to complement the Soar Into Summer reading list filled with ideas to help me (us!) take each book experience to the next level by engaging in a fun and interactive way with each story.  Also, I open up a discussion about each on my Facebook Book Club.

I know we don’t always have time to get super crafty with our little ones, but I also don’t think it matters how extravagant or amazing your art skills are. Sometimes just printing out a free coloring page or word search game is perfect! I just keep telling myself that the summer is flying by and before I know it they’ll be in school and bogged down with homework.  If I can make sure that reading is fun now, then maybe it will help in some small way when school starts back up!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime fun!

  1. Hi Michelle.

    I was scouring the internet for info on a rare 1991 cartoon. In searching, I went to the Lost Media Wiki. I was happy at first since Space Cats is not lost, but then a random scroll lead me to the lost status of the Goodnight Show.

    My son, now 15, used to watch this as a child, and when I asked him about it he asked if that was the show “with the star”.

    I’ll be honest, I actually started crying. (Parental sentiment I guess). In doing a bit more Googling, I came across your blog and decided to ask a simple question: would you happen to know if the master tapes are at least safe?

    I feel this is not so much a fan comment as a parent to parent question.

    Thanks for your time.


    1. Hi Steve! Thanks so much for the message. I get pretty nostalgic too when I think back to when my babies were babies! I don’t know what Sprout/Universal Kids has done with the tapes but I’m sure they are stored away somewhere safe! I miss the show too!!

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