It’s 2021! Time to make some eco-friendly changes in the kitchen

First, I have fallen in love with beeswax coated sheets that can be used instead of all of the single-use plastic wrap I have in my kitchen. They are reusable, biodegradable, anti-microbial which keeps food fresher, easy to clean, and are even freezer-friendly! Let me know if you have also made this kind of switch in your kitchen. I purchased the Thisam Kitchen wraps from Amazon (set of 3 for $10). They are working out just fine so far, but I’d love to know if any of you have a recommendation for another brand. The button and string attached to the wrap helps keep your package tightly closed which is a really nice feature.

Another eco-friendly purchase I just recently made is fun little item which will help me avoid using more plastic in the kitchen. I saw this one on the Today Show and just had to try it out! These silicone ‘food huggers’ are really helpful for those half lemons, onions, avocados I seem to always end up wrapping in plastic wrap. And, they can also be used on cans or jars missing their lids. A set of 5 Food Huggers go for about $13 on Amazon.

A final plastic alternative that a friend recommended to me this week are silicone reusable bags. These are a little more pricey but seem well worth the investment. They also can be used to store liquids, and even go straight from fridge to microwave. They’re dishwasher safe too! This set of 6 goes for $35 on Amazon. There are so many to choose from, but this one had great reviews!

If you have any amazing little life hacks (as my kids call them!) please send them my way! And, I promise to keep sharing wonderful eco-friendly tips and time-savers with you as well.

Best of luck in this new year!

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