Making a fresh start!

Let me tell you why I LOVE Clear Gear!

  • Clear Gear is EPA registered! It’s effective at killing COVID-19 in 3 minutes!! It’s also virucidal, (including Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C virus), fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Plus, it kills salmonella and E. coli so I spray it on my countertops after handling raw meat or chicken.
  • There is NO BLEACH, NO ALCOHOL, NO AMMONIA which means no heavy smells! Instead, it eliminates odors (caused by those pesky bacteria and germs) and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.
  • It’s not corrosive and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind which is so important to me since I want to use this product on door handles, electronic devices, cell phone cases and remote controls. It’s also ideal for spraying on athletic gear, helmets, gloves, rackets, gym equipment, etc.
  • Lastly, I appreciate that it is made in the USA and it’s always in stock! (Even during the height of the pandemic last year)
As soon as they get home from school I spray my kids’ backpacks!

As our children are heading back to in-person school and extra-curricular activities I can see I’ll be using this to spray down backpacks, iPad & laptop covers, gymnastics/athletic bags and sports gear. In fact, Clear Gear was invented by someone who contracted a horrific infection from bacteria on his hockey gear. This frightening experience led them to create this disinfecting spray which is a must for every family. I might even have to gift some to my daughter’s teachers for the classroom and to their coaches for the gym!

I have one more great thing to say about Clear Gear…

They are giving all of you a 10% DISCOUNT when you use the PROMO CODE: MICHELE10 at checkout!

Let me know if you’re ordering some for yourself and where you’ll spray it! Good luck making your own fresh start in 2021!

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