No one said it would be easy…

Fullfilling, rewarding, fun, joyful…I can think of a million adjectives to describe what it’s like being a parent, but easy isn’t one of them! It seems like its just one thing after another. There are some really tough days and nobody tells you before you have kids that it will be like that. Its just one of those things you have to experience for yourself…and along the way just keep appreciating those amazing moments when you wouldn’t trade places with anyone for anything in the world!

Sometimes it’s just really hard to find balance. I know I’m not the only one. I’ve heard the same thing from so many of my girlfriends. Maybe it’s because we came to mommyhood later in life. I’m no expert, but I do know that a happy mommy inevitably leads to happy babies. So when I can carve out some time to do something for myself, be it having a cup of coffee without kiddos, or getting a manicure, or even taking a 20 minute nap, I know my week will flow smoother and my general outlook is much sunnier. That’s balance for me!!

Getting smiles like this one don’t hurt either!


15 thoughts on “No one said it would be easy…

  1. I can totally relate Michele. We only have one 2 y.o. (right now). My wife and I are good at recognizing when the other is reaching the boiling point. At which time, she or I will step-in and take over for the other. And, I definitely agree that Mommy or Daddy need some non-kiddo time to keep it fresh. My wife is at home most of the time and I’m out seeing clients most days. But, when it’s possible, I try to give Mommy an afternoon or night off at least once a week (to get her out of the house). Because Mommy’s mood affect the whole household morale, I see this as a necessity.
    I’m discouraged when I hear about parents who slip into the habit of letting mommy be the sole caregiver. That just leads to burn-out, fast! Besides, children need both, and not necessarily both at the same time. I really enjoy my time when it’s just daughter and me.

    PS: love your TV work.

  2. I can relate too Michele. I’m a stay at home mom to a 2 1/2 year old little girl so finding mommy time is tough. I enjoy my relaxing nights with my husband or taking a walk in the morning before my little one wakes up. Mommy time is important with having a happy baby. I agree. Thank you for sharing your mommy experiences. They are helpful and very relatable.

  3. We have a 2 y/o. The grind has indeed taken its toll, but we’ve agreed to focus on the good moments to get us by. We’ve been married 15 years before we decided to have children. The good is that we’ve built financial stability, but the bad is that at first, we kept comparing our former life to our new chapter.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any family living near us, so we are without the ability to ask for assistance when we both reach that boiling point. We’ve learned to assign daily tasks to each other for the daily items, and change our expectations of what “free time” is. For me, I used to think going to the gym was strictly for health and maintenance. Now, I’ve had to consider this as my free time as opposed to fishing with the guys or mountain biking. Similar to @networkadvisor712, I try to mitigate the stress on my wife by taking him with me sometimes, even if just to the store or for a ride around the neighborhood. Although not completely avoidable, we have found that it does nobody any good for both parents to be under the boiler at the same time. Happy wife, happy family ,happy life:)

    DO NOT feel guilty when you do have those moments of peace. I still find myself doing so, and trying to work through that. I feel that when I’m working out or doing something else when he’s still at day care, I’m missing out on something and not doing my job. Don’t know if I can completely get over that in the chase for sanity. Hang in there.

  4. Hi MIchele! my son and I love your GNS, everytime you sing my one year old literally gets up and starts dancing. Btw you have a beautiful voice:)

  5. Great post! I have 5 kids, age 16 years to 9 mos. I can tell you, you will get a big ole’ breath of fresh air when your youngest hits about 6. Then everyone will be independent enough that you’ll suddenly get bigger doses of that much needed “me time”. So hang in there! But you will also realize how precious those baby years were and may even start to miss them (that’s how I ended up with another one way after we thought we were “done” :)). So, keep enjoying those babies. That being said, now that there’s a new baby in the house, I do crave just one cup of coffee without a gazillion interruptions. That would be nice.

    Had to tell you I found your blog after doing a search for how old Nina is – my kids were all guessing 18, or maybe 23 :). My 9 month old already loves the Good Night Show and gets a big smile on her face whenever Nina comes on the screen. Thanks for helping entertain her when she can’t sleep late at night and mommy’s too tired to do the entertaining πŸ™‚

    Great blog!

    1. Well thank you so much for sharing! Babies really are the best, so you hang in there too! πŸ˜‰ My birthday is actually today so it’s funny that you were searching for my age! I guess Nina can be any age they would like her to be, 18 is good!…I, on the other hand, am turning 38 today – but according to my Gia, I’m 4. So your guess is as good as any!

      1. You couldn’t be any more correct. Life will & can definitely throw some major curve balls & your own happiness is up to you. Your attitude has so much to do with the end result of feelings. I should know! I have 3 children ages 10, 8, & 4. Our middle child has a rare disease, Cystinosis. I choose to be a leader in his health & let him know that the disease does not own his body. He can (& has every right to) complain incessantly about meds, unfairness in life, etc. It’s true!! But we all have something we’re dealing with, whether it be in that moment or a daily battle. For me, it’s my faith. The peace that surpasses all understanding give me an abundant, fulfilled life! It’s not easy…. But oh-so worth it!!! P.s…. I would’ve never guessed your age. You’re radiant!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the saying a happy mommy leads to a happy baby. I try to remember that everyday. And I do have quite a happy baby πŸ™‚

    I do have days that are stressful and harder than others, especially since I work from home it’s a challenge juggling both. I can be hard on myself at times when I have to choose between giving her the attention she deserves and craves vs. getting the next time sensitive email/task/travel done. Those days take a lot out of me and unfortunately she senses it and gets even fussier… that’s when I have to just step away and say work will have to wait.

    **Happy Birthday, by the way πŸ™‚ I hope you had a great one and many more to come

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