Happy Birthday Baby Girl(x2)!

I’m faced with yet another challenge! My girls were born 5 days apart (and 2 years of course!). Come birthday time – what do we do? 1 party for both? Well, that was my intention this year since the baby was turning 1 and, let’s be honest, she won’t know the difference! But then my sanity flew out the window and I planned a cookout at the last minute to celebrate Bianca’s big day. Nothing fancy, but lots of work nonetheless! Then it was Gia’s turn and since her birthday fell on a school day I obligated myself to taking cupcakes in the afternoon so we could all sing her “Happy Birthday” together! And finally the “kiddie party” was on the weekend. Dora has been playing a big part in her life lately so I stuck with that theme.

I sure wish I had been smart enough to come up with the concept for Party City! Whoever did must be a gazillionaire!!! I’m such a sucker for putting together a nice-looking party, though. Thank goodness I love arts and crafts and I always try to have a few (if not most) of the decorations homemade.


Here is my version of Dora’s friend Map! I got the idea from one of my favorite websites: Pinterest! I used low-fat cheese sticks and a Sharpie to draw the face on. It only took about 5 minutes to do 24 of them.

Favor bag

A trip to the dollar store and Target’s clearance aisle made the favor bags a cinch to put together. I found small bottles of bubbles, Dora sunglasses and tattoos, yo-yos, and stickers.

Last, but definitely not least, you can’t forget the thank-you cards!

Thank you cards

Of course, in the end it was all worth it! The girls had so much fun and so did we.  Next time I’ll give myself more than a week to pull this all together though!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Girl(x2)!

  1. Oh my gosh you did a GREAT job on Gia’s bday bash. Loved the Dora theme and Lana keeps looking for “map cheese” whenever we have cheese sticks now! Congrats on a job well done.

  2. I absolutely hear you. My baby is turning 1 Nov 2nd and I keep thinking we are just going to go to the park (and skip the $600 party we just threw for the 3 yr old). I hope I can stick to it! And that $600 was for indoor playground rental and pizza, I also opt for homemade crafts for decorations! I have sincere intentions for thank you cards, now if I can just find that list…

    1. Ha! Good luck!! I think what helped me was that I bought the thank you cards when I bought the invites and kept them out on the kitchen counter to act as a constant reminder to get them out of the way!

  3. My boys were born a year and a day apart. I totally know what you mean about combining parties. Great ideas you have here. I would love to split but it is hard with them that close.

  4. A host on Sprout throwing a Dora party for her kids. There’s something wrong here…… 😉
    I second everyone’s compliment on the cheese Maps. 🙂

  5. That’s too funny, my daughters are 2 years and 10 days apart. They will be turning 4 and 2 this coming July/august and I’m hoping my soon to be 4 year old is OK with a combined birthday party. This Dora theme is really cute!

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